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Welcome. I’m glad you have found your way to my website, and I hope I can offer you some support. You may be looking for a counsellor because the emotional discomfort you are experiencing, and the frustration you feel about it, are keeping you from living the life you would like. I approach each person who seeks my help with the belief that we all have an inherent capacity to find balance in our lives. This belief is based in the knowledge that we are biologically programmed to find ways to successfully negotiate and integrate the challenges life brings. What I offer is a sincere intention to witness, and provide gentle guidance and encouragement, so that you can reconnect to your own strengths, direction, and wisdom.

I bring a spirit of curiosity, creativity, and play to all clients, whatever the age or issue. I also believe that an important part of the counselling process is a recognition of the broader influences found in each person’s context, which may include culture, the natural environment, and this time in global history. I work to find the blend of approaches that works best for each individual client. This will include reflection on all aspects of the whole person – emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.  I am committed to creating a safe container where people are supported in their natural yearning for healing and growth.

I offer assistance with:

Chronic illness or pain
Life transitions
Loss and grief
Spiritual issues
Stress and burn out





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Dance/Movement Therapy & Authentic Movement

Emotionally Focussed
Couples Therapy

Dancing the Body's Wisdom

Spirit Body - Soul Dance (Workshop)

The Cosmic Dance

The Work That Reconnects (Workshop)


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Catherine Fallis

As we once entered the world, so we still enter
each new spiral of growth.

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